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Did you know, Lotus Holland is not only stationed in the Netherlands?

Lotus USA is based in Orlando, Florida. From our warehouse, we support and offer our solutions and extensive technical support. Just like Lotus Holland, Lotus USA has its own technical service department that mainly supports the American screen printer. We provide service & knowledge to the screen printer in the field of installation, service, maintenance and training. 

Due to the close cooperation between Lotus Holland & Lotus USA, we can continue to guarentee our fast delivery times anywhere in the world and our service is never that far away.



Located in the Sunshine state of the United States, Orlando,  Florida is the hometown of Lotus USA. Lotus USA is fully equipped to support primarily our American clients and partners. Our warehouse has its very own assembly station and storage facility, so that way we can build, ship or repair all your Lotus equipment and still guarantee fast delivery & top-notch service.

Our team of technicians operate out of Orlando and will be at your service when needed.  Lotus Holland (NL) & Lotus USA are constantly working together, so we can provide you with the best service we have to offer. 


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Tel: +1 (407) 724 – 0332 
e-mail : kristie@lotusholland.com

Lotus USA is part of the Lotus Groep BV.