Lumenator II *Patent Pending

Inline Exposure and Development System for Screens

With the Lumenator II, the screens are exposed AND developed with high-precision.

Inline Exposure and Development System for Screens

The Lumenator II*Patent Pending

After a CTS-system has digitally created an image, the screen is placed on the conveyer of the Lumenator II. On the digital touch screen, the screen printer selects the appropriate exposure setting from the memory. The screen is automatically fed into the system, in which the UV LED light ensures a homogeneous and even distribution of the light. The exposed screen moves automatically through the developing unit, where a razor-sharp image is developed with maximum 6 water nozzles. Within 1-2 minutes the screen is ready for printing.

Depending on the emulsion used (a.o.), up to 250-300 screens per 8-hour shift can be produced automatically.


The Lumenator is suitable for screens made with CTS systems such as Exile Spyder or M&R i-Image S, with a maximum size of 109cmx81cm (42”x32”).

Compared to conventional methalhalide lamps, the LED lamps save energy and hardly produce heat. In addition, the lifetime of the Lumenator’s UV LED light source is many times longer than those of metalhalide lamps.

The exposure LEDs and the water supply are automatically switched off after completion of the exposure and development.

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