Lotus EVO Screen Cleaning Systems

In-line screen cleaning is the most cost effective and time-saving solution for your screen cleaning problem.

With a Lotus EVO system, your screens are cleaned fully automatically: ink removal, stripping, degreasing, rinsing and drying. Within a few minutes, the screens are ready to be coated again. A Lotus EVO screen cleaning system consists of a machine, a cleaning product for ink removal and a cleaning product for emulsion removal. Lotus EVO cleaning systems operate with non-volatile, 100% biologically degradeable chemicals. As a result, Lotus EVO screen cleaning systems are the best environmentally friendly and operator friendly automatic cleaning systems! Depending on the circumstances and the products used, Lotus EVO systems are available in different configurations.

These configurations are:

Lotus EVO Compact

Screen Cleaning System

Lotus EVO Compact

Download PDF Lotus EVO Compact 

Lotus EVO Compact is the smallest fully automatic screen cleaning system. With only 5 meters in length and a throughput height of 125cm, Lotus EVO Compact is especially suitable for textile and small-format screen printers.

Lotus EVO Modular systems

Lotus EVO Modular

Screen Cleaning System

Lotus EVO :4

Download PDF Lotus EVO Modular 

Lotus EVO Modular systems are tailor made and adjusted to the condition of the printer. These modular systems are available in throughput heights up to 400cm.
The different modular systems are:

Lotus EVO :3
Configuration consists of 1 cleaning module for the removal of ink, 1 stripper module and 1 high pressure fresh water module. This system is especially suitable for small screen printers and screen printers with inks that are easy to remove.

Lotus EVO :4
In case of more difficult inks, Lotus EVO :4 offers an optimal solution. This system is similar to the Lotus EVO :3, but it has an extra high-pressure water module before the stripper module. In this extra module, residual ink is removed before the frame enters the stripper module.

Lotus EVO :5
In case of difficult inks (for instance 2-Component inks), or in case of large screens, a Lotus EVO :5 could be the best solution. Compared to a Lotus EVO :4, this system has an additional module for the removal of ink. Cleaning the frames in 2 successive modules removes even the most difficult inks.

Which system provides the best cleaning result for your print shop depends on the specific circumstances. Based on a manual test we can advise you on the best possible solution.

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