Lotus EVO systems are automated systems which relieve the work of the screenprinter and improve the quality.
Lotus EVO systems excell in quality and simplicity. The systems are produced with components of highest quality, resulting in a system which is very easy to operate and maintain.

With a Lotus EVO developing system, a screenprinter can develop his screens automatically. Irrespective of the quantity work, or the person who develops the screens: the quality is always the same.

Lotus EVO screencleaning systems are automatic systems that can clean, strip, degrease, rinse and dry a frame in one single operation. While the system cleans, the printer can start his next print job. Lotus EVO has evolved into the market leader in the automated screen cleaning at textile screenprinters.

With a Lotus EVO squegee washer, the screen printer can clean his squegees with the same cleaning product as the screens. This cleaning product is biologically 100% degradable and has a flame point of approx. 100°C. As a result, Lotus EVO systems are the safest and environmentally friendliest cleaning systems.

A big advantage is the sophisticated technical support. Lotus Holland has its own technical service which supports the screenprinter with the installation, service, maintenance and training.

Lotus EVO Screen Cleaning Systems Lotus EVO Development System Lotus EVO Squegee Washer